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About Me

I’m a 28 year old guy living in Ohio with my wife. I studied Geology, Petroleum Engineering, and Business through college. I currently work as a Geologist for a consulting firm in the oil and gas industry and this blog is about my journey to financial freedom.

On a daily basis our firm works with oil companies to help acquire, develop, and explore oil and gas producing properties, value and advise on certain assets, and assist companies on massive acquisitions. In my short career thus far I have consulted for clients that range from private equity funds, wealthy individuals, private and public oil companies, large national banks, landowners, and real estate investors. I spend a good amount of time with wealthy people who I have become close to and get to learn from on a daily basis.

In 2013, I started becoming obsessed with personal finance and started reading blogs such as Mr. Money Mustache, Mr. 1500, J.L. Collins, Financial Samurai, and Root of Good. I would hang out on different websites such as Bogleheads, BiggerPockets, listen to a plethora of financial podcasts, and read books to challenge my mindset such as Rich Dad Poor Dad (R. Kiyosaki) and Set for Life (S. Trench). This is not content you learn in high school or college, but through self education and experience. On the side I like giving advice and working with family, friends, and colleagues to help them better optimize their finances.

Why listen to me?! Our family has a current net worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars and I want to share how we have done it at such a young age.

The goals for my blog outside of really just wanting to help others take actionable steps to a life they love:

1.) Become financial free by age 40 in that my investments generate more income than my families annual expenses.

2.) Show many different ways to generate passive income outside of retirement accounts.

3.) Help the 9-5 employee move rapidly to financial freedom, so they have the option to start their own company, take a lower paying job with more upside, or take a year off and travel to a destination they have always dreamed of visiting.

Young professionals these days are locking themselves into car payments and homes that force them to work in a job they they are not passionate about until they are 70 years old. Life is too short to not be passionate on a day by day basis. Wealth should not be created for the pursuit of material things but rather to buy your freedom to do the things that you love.

What would you do on a daily basis if money was a non-factor? FF stands for Financial Freedom, a topic I am very passionate about, and the rocks part….well I am in fact a Geologist. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, playing basketball, going on walks, lifting weights, reading/writing, and traveling.

I want to leverage what I have learned to simply help educate others and continue to learn myself. I am a very average writer, so please go easy on me.

Thanks for stopping by my site!